yellow tail flounder is one of the most recognizable fish in the world. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. I mean, it’s supposed to be a fish! And if you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re not alone.

Yellow tail flounder is actually a very small fish, and to call it a fish is misleading. It’s actually a small fish with a red tail. A lot of people think that it is a fish because of its tail. But its tail is actually a bony bar that the fish uses to hold itself in a semi-reclined position when swimming. They can also be quite smart though, and can figure out the way through the water.

The bony bar in the fish’s tail acts as a rudder, which keeps it from going astray. The fish can also swim very fast, and can even outrun a boat. So the fish is actually quite fast, and has been taught to swim by its parents. Its tail, when not used to hold it in place, is actually a bony bar that helps it propel itself forward.

The bony bar in the fish’s tail is actually designed to help it swim faster. It can actually be used to change direction, something that is very useful in water where you have to keep your eye on an object in front of you. The bony bar in the fish’s tail acts as a rudder to keep it from going astray, or it can act as a brake to help it travel faster.

There are some fishs tail that have been designed to help them propel themselves forward. For example, there is a fish with a bony tail on the tail of the goldfish, and the bluefish has a tail like a flounder. The bony tail is designed to help you propel yourself forward, but once you start using it, it becomes a hindrance rather than a help. I don’t know how anyone ever manages to swim without it.

I had a fish with a tail. It was a big fish. It was an alligator fish. It was yellow. It was blue. It was an alligator fish. It was yellow. It was blue. It was an alligator fish. This was back in college. It was an alligator fish. This was on a boat. This was in the ocean. This was on a boat. This was in the ocean. It was an alligator fish.

The yellow tail flounder is a common name for the yellowfin tuna, a type of tuna that has a yellow tail and fins. They’re also known as the “yellowtail fluke” because of the yellow color of their fins. The fin of the yellowtail fluke is like the tail of a flounder.

I was at the aquarium the other day and saw many flounders, but not a single yellowtail flounder. Well, there may be a few on the bottom, but they’re usually a different species. So I decided to check the surface of the ocean, and sure enough, there is a large population of yellowtail flounders.

Since I can’t find any evidence of them being here, I’m guessing that they’re far away from our little island, but I’m open to other hypotheses that can lead me to more information about this strange species.

Yellowtail flounders are one of about 8,000 or so species of fish that are native to the warm, subtropical waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, but are now found only in a few places in the western Atlantic Ocean, particularly along the Florida Keys.

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