Serve gazpacho with whatever you like. Gazpacho and tomato sauce go together beautifully and together they taste great. If you want to add a little kick, try adding a little salt.

Gazpacho is a great salad topping. However, salt is not a seasoning per se. I would recommend adding a few extra pinches to the amount of salt you add. Too much salt can cause gazpacho to taste like gazpacho and too little can leave it too salty.

For a more traditional gazpacho, I prefer canned tomatoes with the juice removed and a little garlic chopped on top. I also like the idea of adding a little olive oil to the can of tomatoes. It makes the dressing thicker and adds a bit of extra flavor.

There are a few variations of gazpacho. The most traditional is with no salt added. This is fine for me because I love gazpacho. I’d just like to mention that there are times when you can use salt to add a little flavor to a gazpacho. Salt doesn’t always have to be added, but I find that adding a pinch or two to the amount of salt usually makes this gazpacho way better.

In an effort to show the importance of adding a little olive oil when serving gazpacho, Vahn has now developed a way to add a pinch of salt to the gazpacho. So if you happen to be feeling like serving gazpacho, just drop a teaspoonful of salt in the bottom of a bowl. Then top it off with a splash of olive oil.

You can also add a little drizzle of olive oil to your gazpacho recipe. You want enough to coat the top of the bowl as well which makes it easier to scoop up the gazpacho.

The gazpacho is just dandy, but there’s one little thing I wish Vahn would have added: a little bit of a kick. You know you need it when you get a gazpacho in your mouth that makes your head spin and you’re forced to keep swallowing. This is where adding a little bit to the consistency of the gazpacho really helps because it keeps the gazpacho from dripping down your chin and onto your shirt.

The gazpacho recipe is in the original Vahn-scripted video. The recipe is only a few words long, but it gets you started. Simply add your favorite spices, lime and cilantro, and a little bit of water. You can also make it in advance by adding some frozen pineapple chunks to the mix.

The recipe is simple, but a little complicated is best. You can’t go wrong with a little bit of ginger, but if you want you can add a few slices of fresh ginger. The recipe also has a few variations depending on how you add your gazpacho to your salad. If you add your gazpacho over the salad, garnish with avocado and some cilantro. If you add it to a soup or main dish, garnish with cilantro and lime.

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