I have been using tequila as a mixer for my cocktails for years and years. It was easy to make and drink. To this day, I keep a bottle in the freezer and throw in a few ice packs to keep it chilled on the rocks.

But now that I’ve been drinking tequila, I’ve had to rethink that. The problem is my tequila is a mixture of tequila, vodka, and Cointreau and I don’t know what the heck the hell is tequila and vodka. I don’t know about the Cointreau, and I’m just not getting it. I don’t trust the mixture.

It’s no secret tequila is often a poor choice for a mixer, but it’s especially hard to mix the right amount because tequila is so sweet, and you typically want it to be as sweet as possible. What makes it harder is because tequila has such a high alcohol content, it acts like a drowning fluid. You literally have to slow down the drink to extract all the flavor.

If you’re not already using a highball to mix your shots, you are going to run into some trouble getting the right amount of tequila because you’ll have to add sugar to the mix. A mixologist will help you get the right amount. They typically have a special mixer with one of the most advanced mixers in existence.

To make things worse, the tequila will dissolve in your mouth, and if you are not prepared to take it, you may also find your tongue getting numb, which will give you a headache and make you feel like your head is on fire.

If you can get in trouble with your tequila, you can also get it into your throat. Unfortunately, people who drink tequila highball can get drunk and pass out in a bar.

There’s a lot of confusion about tequila and the highball. Most people think the two are the same thing and that highball is just a fancy way of saying tequila. But that’s not true. The two are different and tequila is the highball.

People who don’t drink tequila and don’t drink highball still get sick from drinking tequila. The highball comes from tequila being too strong, and the tequila is too weak. Since tequila is the drink best known for its ability to get you drunk, you might think it would be okay to drink tequila highball, but you’re wrong. The two are different and tequila is the highball.

I’m not saying that people drinking tequila highballs is somehow bad, but it’s not a very safe drink. It’s like drinking a bowl of Jell-O made with a mixture of vodka and salt water, and you can get a little bit sick from it. It’s not exactly a safe way to put the booze in, and that’s why you’re sick.

You really have no idea how crazy these tequila highballs are when you drink them. At any given moment, they can make you feel like youre on a roller coaster. The fact that youre drunk is not the only thing that makes them dangerous. If you drink tequila highball in a bar, or at a party, you could quickly get ill from it. If you drink tequila highball in a bar and get drunk, you could get a heart attack.

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