I am not a huge fan of lemon, but I really like the way this syrup lemons red is. I find that I just really enjoy the freshness of the lemons and the red color of the syrup. This is the perfect summer drink – it is refreshing and flavorful.

This drink is also one of those few things I think that tastes good, but you don’t feel like you’re missing anything when you drink it. I would argue that it is more of a dessert drink than a drink, but the lemon and the syrup are there for you.

This drink is delicious. I love the flavor of the lemon, but I also love the flavor of the syrup. The lemon flavor hits you first, then the syrup and then you get the sweetness. The amount of sugar in this drink is a little too much, but it’s not that hard to add more and I think the drink would be better without it.

I do think there is a reason why this drink, the syrup lemon, is a little too sweet for my taste. The sweetness is a nice touch that really makes this drink a little more balanced.

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