I am always looking for new ways to change up my diet and add in healthy ingredients that I love. This past week, I went to my local farmer’s market and bought some sweet potatoes that had been stewing in the sun for a few days. They were moist, sweet, and delicious. I then used a handful of the sweet potato as a topping on my favorite pasta dish.

The idea here is that you use sweet potatoes as a source of protein. These sweet potatoes are full of a substance called glucosinolates that is converted into a substance that has antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. So, you could use them as a source of protein in your diet.

I could never eat just regular meat, but there’s something really cool about using sweet potatoes as a source of protein. First of all, you’re basically eating the same thing as the meat you’re eating. Plus, you get the sweet potato flavor without all that extra cholesterol. Lastly, you’re not really getting all the vitamins and minerals that meat gets.

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