When I was a child I had a favorite meat dish in my family, steak caruso. I ate it every chance I got. For years, I had it in the morning, and a few nights a month. Now that I am older I eat it every night. It is one of my favorite things to cook.

The secret to a good steak dinner is to use the right cut of meat. It doesn’t matter if you are serving meat for dinner, a party, or a special event. A great steak is always served medium rare. Even better is a great steak that is well marbled. A steak that is not properly marbled will be tough and bland. This is because most cooking machines use heat to cook meat.

While most cooks don’t have a problem with a steak that is less than medium-rare, there are a few who do. For those sensitive to fat, I don’t recommend eating steak that is over medium rare. Many people have a hard time digesting the more “palatable” cuts of meat like steak, lamb, or pork. The problem is if you have any of these cuts of meat, you will feel sick the next day.

The solution is to buy a good marinade. The best one I have to offer is called steak caruso. It is a mix of allspice, garlic, honey, and olive oil. Because of the spice, the steak is a beautiful red with a very nice, dark mahogany color. A little goes a long way and you will have this meat marinated for 7-10 days.

The best part is that you can throw whatever you want on the meat and it will be delicious. Just be sure to get the taste right. Otherwise, it’s not a recipe for success.

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