It’s a word of Japanese origin and means ‘to pluck.’ It’s a fun word when you talk about plucking flowers or grasses and getting them to the top of a pot of water. The idea is that as you pluck the grass or flower you’re simultaneously plucking at the dirt below you. The point is that it’s a kind of ‘micro’ nature.

The word piragi is very often used in Japanese to refer to the act of plucking. The meaning of piragi is “to pluck.” The word came to the West through the Japanese language and is one of the most common words that are used to express the act of plucking.

In Piragi, it is basically just the act of plucking. It is not a specific thing to do, it is an act that we do all the time. The word is used in a way that can be used as both food and as an activity. That is because we all know that we do this to a certain degree every time we do anything. It is usually the act of doing something that we are talking about in this sense.

Piragi can be used as a term for anything that we do. It means to pluck or pluck. So, for example, you can say to the piragis around you, “Let’s go steal some fish.” When you do, a string of piragis will come and take you somewhere else. The other way that you can think of it being used as a word is that you are plucking something by pulling a finger.

Piragi is a word that sounds a little more like a guitar with a little more vibrato. As the name suggests, it is a form of plucking that is done with a finger. It could also be used to mean the act of plucking a string.

Piragi is a very common word that has an etymological meaning. It is a general term used to describe the act of plucking a string, something that is difficult to describe with words so Piragi can sound a little more abstract.

Piragi is a form of plucking. It can be used in all sorts of different ways. For example, on one level it means plucking an instrument, or plucking a string, on another it refers to any kind of string plucked. So it can be used as a verb, the verb to pluck, or the noun plucking. It is also used as an adjective which simply means to pluck something.

We’ve all plucked our eyes out by picking them out of the socket. We know it’s wrong, but we just do it because it feels good. This is something Piragi makes us feel good about doing and in a lot of games, that is how they sell you on the game. In the game it’s literally a way to get to see the world in a new way.

Piragi is a term that is used to describe something that is unique and exciting. It can also refer to something that is just strange. For example, if you were to pluck your tongue of a friend, that would be a piragi. If you were to pluck your eyeball out of your eye socket and then pluck on it, that would be piragi. And if you were to pluck your hair out, that would be piragi.

When it comes to the game Piragi is an incredibly useful tactic as is. If your game has a “soul” it’s hard to do anything without it. The only way to get into a game without it is to make stuff that is inherently amazing. Since our game has a soul, we need to make sure we make something that is unique and exciting.

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