I love fried chicken. It’s a comfort food that I can’t live without. I love the simplicity of it. I love the texture and the color. But mustard fried chicken is a little bit more complex for me. It starts with a small amount of mayo, mustard, and a batter made of corn oil and butter. This batter is what creates the crisp, golden crust. Next, the chicken is fried in the hot oil.

That’s the first step to creating the crisp texture you love. A little bit of butter and a small amount of mayo add the right amount of flavor and texture to the chicken. A little bit of the corn oil also gives the chicken nice flavor and a nice texture, too.

To get the texture and flavor, the chicken needs a good amount of oil and butter. A small amount of corn oil and a very small amount of mayo are the basics of the batter. I think it’s important to also add a little bit of salt. Salt adds flavor and texture to the entire dish.

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