A custom Viking axe is a hand tool with a variety of uses. Custom Viking axes are normally light in weight and the edge of the axe is razor sharp. In the back era, swords were very expensive and only purchased by rich warriors and on the other side, an axe was so cheap that everyone could own it. It is a multipurpose tool that can be used as a weapon and also for domestic purposes.

History of Custom Viking Axes:

Custom Viking axe got popular around the 10th-11th century in Scandinavia and is most commonly used as a weapon by ancient Norse warriors. Two common types of custom Viking axes were used, one is a long axe and 2nd one is a hand axe. Later on custom Viking axes became much longer and had a crescent shape with 9 to 18 inches long edges.

During wars weapons like swords were much more expensive and people started using custom Viking axes as a weapon because it is much cheaper than swords. People called it a poor man’s weapon. Custom Viking axe are not fancy weapons but skilled warriors could tear the shields of their enemies

Types of custom Viking Axes

Different types of custom Viking axes were used by warriors during the Viking age. These are used for cutting wood, splitting, and as weapons in battle. Custom Viking axes come in many shapes and sizes. Some common types are going to be discussed below.

Dane Axe

It is also called the Danish axe. This custom Viking axe is one of the earliest types used in battles during the Viking ages. The lengths of Dane axes were usually one to five feet. This type of custom Viking axes has a thin blade with a large curving cutting edge which makes it an excellent tool for cutting.

Bearded Axe

It is also known in Old Norse as the skeggox.  Bearded axes are thicker and heavier than Dane axes. This type of custom Viking axes is normally used for heavy-duty tasks like wood cutting, and splitting and is also used as a powerful crushing blow against an enemy. The lower portion of this axe is known as bread and this bread provided it with a larger cutting surface.

Francisca axe

Francisca’s axe is used for close combat and as a throwing weapon. This custom Viking axe was a small weapon having cutting edges about 4 inches long and weight around 600 grams. This type of custom Viking axe appeared in the first few centuries.

The Mammen axe

The Mammen axe is named after the Danish Village in which it was discovered and it is a single fine specimen. It is one of the most elegant custom Viking axe ever found. It is made with iron and decorated in Mammen style.

Best folding knives

A folding knife is a knife with one or more blades that fold into a handle. These knives are also known as pocket knives, jack knives, and penknife. In the best folding knife normally blade length is 5 to 15 centimeters. A folding knife becomes small after folding and is a fit option for your pocket.

Uses of best folding knives

From at least 600 BCE best folding knives have been popularly used by mankind. There are many uses for the versatile best folding knives. These are just some uses of the best folding knives for everyday routine.

Indoor uses

In indoor work, if you want to open a parcel or remove the tape from an online order, the best folding knives are used to cut them. For removing staples, cutting loose thread, and cleaning shoes or belts best folding knives are useful.

Kitchen uses

For cooking purposes best folding knives are liked for kitchen use. Best folding knives are very useful for Cutting, chopping, cleaning fish, deboning, crushing spices, sharpening, and slicing bread.

Outdoor uses

If you like outdoor activities then you know very well about the uses of the best folding knives. You can use it for cleaning fish, hunting purposes, cutting rope, removing splinters, splitting firewood, picking your teeth, cleaning your nails, cutting zip ties, sharpening other knives, and also for throwing purposes.


You can use the best folding knives in emergencies when you feel yourself in a life-threatening serious situation. It can save your life by cutting a caught seatbelt after the accident and stripping cloth to make a tourniquet.

Hobby or gifting

You can use the best folding knives as a hobby that enjoys carving, crafting, whittling, and engraving. Best folding knives of a unique design with high-quality blades are an amazing gift for a friend, spouse, or child.

Kinds of best folding knives

There is a boom of the best folding knives in the industry. Now we are going to make a list of the top best folding knives which are popular and have a versatile look with the best usage.

Benchmade Bugout 535

This best folding knife is well known for its attractive, lightweight, and functional design. It is the best tool made with the best material for hikers for outdoor adventures and it is easy to carry and use.

Zero Tolerance 0350TS

This best folding knife is light and tough and built with military and law enforcement in mind. Its blade and handle material make it the strongest knife for hikers.

Buck Knives

The Buck knives blade is made from 420HC steel which gives extra sharpness, edge retention, and rust resistance. This best folding knife has a one-handed, easily usable blade.

Opinel Carbon pocket knife

It is made from carbon steel with an elegant look and classic design. These are available in a variety of sizes according to use requirements. This best folding knife is a smart budget knife.

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