A fig compote is a great way to use a bunch of fresh figs. The best way to use figs is fresh, so don’t overfill them by using any. For the best fig compote, cut out the middle of the figs and then use them to fill a jar.

We’ve been using figs for a while. They also work well as a garnish for ice cream. You can use it to fill a jar of ice cream in a pinch.

The best fig compote to use is fresh figs. Fresh figs are the best to use because they are the perfect size for compote. You can easily fill any jar with figs in 5 minutes, and a couple of weeks of figs will fill a jar of ice cream in 10 minutes.

I think fig compote is best made for ice cream. They are easy to fill and the flavor is mild. You only need a couple of fresh figs in the compote to make it taste good.

fig compote is also an ideal garnish for a cocktail. You can make it for yourself with a couple of fresh figs and a glass of fresh mojito juice.

fig compote is also a great gift for a family. Just a few figs and a glass of fresh mojito juice is a great way to send some figs to the kids. Since figs are so cheap now, I always find myself going into my freezer with a couple of figs from the holidays or the Easter egg hunt.

Although the fig compote is an inexpensive way to add a sweet and slightly tart flavor to your next cocktail, the flavor is not as noticeable as you might think. Think of it as an easy way to add a touch of sweetness to your next cocktail just in time for the holidays.

A fig compote is a combination of fig, mint, and sugar syrup, and it can take on a variety of flavors, depending on which figs you choose. I like my fig compotes to be a little tart and sweet, but I also like to have a little bit of sourness too. In this case, it works well as a way to add a little tartness without adding much sweetness.

I love the flavor of fig compotes. The sweetness is perfect with a hint of tartness. I actually like to add a bit of tartness to my compotes but not too much, to make sure they have enough tartness without being too sweet.

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