This pie is like the old fashioned version of a pizza with seafood. You get the crust, the meat, the sauce, and the vegetables. The crust is so good here that I don’t know what the crust is called, but I think it is probably a pie crust. But I digress. The crust is good and the meat is fantastic. The sauce is great, too.

Of course, the only thing I find terrible about this pie is that the crust is a lot thicker than it looked. Because of this, many of the fish are hard to bite. But then again, fish aren’t allowed on Deathloop so anyone who wants to actually eat them must be extremely brave.

The fish are here as a sign of good luck. The crust and sauce are good. The vegetable is good. And the crust is good. But they are not allowed on Deathloop. So if you want to eat fish, you are either very brave, or extremely stupid.

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