cumin is an herb that has been used for centuries in many cultures. The word comes from the Persian word kusum, which means ‘to rub together’.

The name cumin comes from the ancient Persian city of Susa where the plant grows. The word cumin is a combination of a root word for cumin (kuzum) and the Persian word for “corn” (cim).

When I first saw the announcement that the game is titled cumin beef, I was curious to know what that meant. Turns out it means “corn cumin.” The word cumin is the origin of the word cumin seed, which is the seed of corn, an ancient grain that became an important food crop.

The cumin seed is the very seed of corn. It’s the seed of the ancient grain. It’s also the seed of the ancient Iranian city of Susa where the plant grows. The thing is that ancient Iranians didn’t eat corn, so they referred to it as “cumin corn.” Then when Persian invaders came to the area and started eating all the food that was grown in Susa, the word came to be used to refer to it.

Cumin, the seed of corn, was an important source of food for the ancient Persians. It is still used today in many cultures to make a variety of dishes. But the word cumin has a deeper history, and it is related to cumin seed, the seed of corn. The cumin seed is the seed of corn. It is the seed of the ancient grain.

Cumin is an ancient spice and the word for the seed of corn is cumin. So, cumin corn is the seed of corn, and cumin meat is the seed of the corn plant. Although the word cumin can also be used for the seed of some plants, such as pea. This is because cumin is used for cooking, while pea is used for fresh plant juice. The seeds of the corn plant are called corn.

The cumin seed is an important part of the corn plant. After the cumin seed is planted, it develops into a small round corn plant. It then produces a kernel that is used in cooking as kernels of corn. The cumin seed is also used in the traditional medicine of India.

The word cumin is derived from the word chu, which is a type of spice. These spices are made from a variety of aromatic plants, including cumin, which is a small plant that grows in the Middle East. It is used as a spice, and is used to make a wide variety of dishes throughout the world. The corn plant and the cumin seed are both used as part of the spice mix that is used to make a variety of dishes.

The term “cumin” is derived from the term “chu” which is the name given to the spice, cumin, by the Arabs. The term cumin is most often used in English to refer to the entire spice mix of a dish. In many other languages, such as Vietnamese, it is used to refer to the kernels of corn eaten in that culture.

Cumin is a spice that is harvested from the cumin seed, a plant in the same family as the mustard. It is native to the Middle East and the Mediterranean region, making it an important part of the cuisine of those regions. Cumin seed is a seed that grows from the cumin seed, which is what is used to make the spice. The cumin seed is eaten as is or cooked, and is used in the traditional way to spice up the meal.

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