this is the first ever crea med video. I’m excited to share my experiences of the crea med business with the rest of the world. It’s a simple, easy, and most importantly, successful way to make a living by creating your own online business. I’ll be your coach, your mentor, and your cheerleader.

Its hard to believe that the first crea med video was so successful. Today, more crea med videos are uploaded onto YouTube than any other kind of video, and they all get over 10,000 views on the first day of their existence. One video, more than 300,000 views, is ranked #1 in a month. This is a good sign because the trend is for videos to be viewed more often, and more popular, than ever before.

It appears that most of our time is spent watching videos. As a result, we are continually being bombarded with new ads and marketing messages from companies that exist to convince us that they are the real thing. It’s very easy for marketers to convince you that they are the real thing when your time is spent viewing their commercials. The same is true for the videos that we watch on YouTube.

Marketing messages that we’ve seen in our day-to-day lives have been subtly but effectively deployed by companies to get us to watch videos. The more you watch videos, the more you’re bombarded with marketing messages. If you don’t watch videos, you can probably convince yourself that they don’t exist unless someone pays you to watch them.

It’s a little different with YouTube because while you can convince yourself that they are real videos, you cant convince yourself that they are really advertising messages, because the only thing adverts are doing is getting people to watch them.

It’s like your brain is really a video-sharing app on your phone where you can share videos with your friends who also use the app. You can be like, “Oh, I had a really cool video today,” or “I saw that video a couple of weeks ago and it was really funny.” But your brain doesn’t really think the same way, or it would have a much stronger reaction. Your brain is just so overwhelmed with marketing messages that it can’t process them.

And while some videos are so good, that might be because they’re really good for you, the reality is that videos are often poorly made and full of bad jokes. This could be because the creators are so desperate to make money that they’re willing to put themselves through ridiculous and pointless risk to get a click.

Its true. It seems like there is always a huge marketing push towards videos. It’s as if your brain just has too much to process. It’s as if it cant handle all those messages. And while some videos are so good that they could be seen as “better”, the reality is that videos are often so bad that they could be seen as “actually better.

Crea Med is a game that is meant to be played in-character. So instead of a bunch of people interacting in the story, it has instead a handful of players interacting with the story. That means that the game is actually more of a storytelling tool, since it is meant to be a tool in the game. That also means that the game is more of a story than it is a game.

It’s not like the game is bad (it’s not a bad game – the way it works is that a bunch of people are playing it, but it doesn’t feel like it’s one person trying to win, or a bunch of people trying to work together. It’s more like a group of people trying to work through a problem, and a bunch of people doing that and trying to find solutions.

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