I recently sat down with a friend who loves to bake. She had me taste her apple tarts and was amazed at how well the pastry and apples were cooked. She then shared her recipe for the tart which was incredibly delicious and full of flavor.

The pastry itself is made with pastry cream which is made by combining apple and caramelized sugar. The apple flavor is really intense and comes through in the tart in a really bright, salty way. It really is a great way to use up fruit left over from other desserts.

You can find more recipes of the tart on her blog.

Her blog is full of a lot of great recipes. I have to say that they all were delicious. I think my favorite was the apple pie, which is a fruit tart that’s full of cinnamon, sugar, and apple pie filling. The flavor is absolutely intense and the combination of the apples and the pastry cream has a buttery richness.

The tart is also one of the most gorgeous tarts I have ever seen. The fruit, the pastry cream, and the apples themselves are the perfect proportions. The tart also has a beautiful green color. A lot of apple tart recipes call for using fresh apples, but in this tart, it’s important to use a variety of apples. Even though you’re only using the tart from the last day, you have a lot of good-tasting apples.

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