This chicken dish is something we all love to make for parties, family gatherings, and even just everyday meals. From the moment you open the lid, the smell of chicken fills the air, and the taste of ketchup coats your mouth.

So what makes this dish so much fun? For starters, the ingredients are all very simple, and the prep is quick and simple. In fact, if you’ve never made any of these before, you probably won’t even need a recipe. But if you’re like me, you’ve probably made this dish at least once before, but it just never seems to get the same attention as it deserves.

The thing about chicken with ketchup is that it is super easy, very easy to make, and very easy to eat. The trick to making a big mess in the kitchen is always to keep your utensils away from the food. I always use a plate, a bowl, and a knife to make this dish. The bowl is great for scooping up the chicken, and the knife is great for cutting and chopping.

I have to admit that this dish was kind of my favorite thing to make at home when I was growing up. I always made it with a big bowl of this dish and a bottle of ketchup on the counter to wash up. I also liked to mix the chicken and ketchup together, which was a great way to use up a huge amount of food in one go.

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