A traditional Japanese dish, bento is a small box with a lid that is filled with various food items, and is usually sealed with a paper or plastic wrap. The container is usually sealed with a wax seal, and is usually used to transport food between locations or to cook at home.

Bun ken is a pretty simple recipe. The ingredients are rice, miso paste (a paste made from dried ingredients), and vegetables. I’d say that it’s pretty quick and easy to make and it’s fairly inexpensive (it can even be made at home).

The process behind the making of bun ken is actually quite simple. The ingredients are first mixed together and then, once this is done, the mixture needs to be heated until the ingredients are fully liquified (i.e. until it’s like a hot liquid). Once liquified, the mixture needs to be cooled to about 70 degrees Centigrade. Afterwards, the ingredients are mixed together and the mixture needs to be sealed in a small bag.

I made bun ken once upon a time in college and it is pretty much the same process, but it is a bit more difficult to make, as it needs to be made in the exact ratio that it will start to come out as a liquid once it is put in the refrigerator. I wouldn’t make it again as it is quite addictive, and I wish the taste wasn’t so dry and harsh.

I’m not a huge fan of all of the ingredients, but they are all fairly simple ingredients and they have a lot of similarities in taste. If you had to pick one thing to add in, it would be the mint. Its kind of a “gimme” flavor, and I like the combination of lime, mint, and cucumber, which makes the combination of the ingredients and the taste in bun ken very appealing. The flavor is definitely a good one.

The good thing about the mint is its bitter, but you can actually make it taste sweeter, so it’s not just a “banana pepper” like some mint flavoring. It’s a whole different mint flavor, and I like it that way.

I could have made a mint-ginger sauce, but that would be quite too sweet, so I decided to make a mint-lime sauce instead. It’s not as good as a mint-ginger sauce, but it is still really good.

I think most of us have had some versions of this recipe at some point, so I’m going to give a few options to some of you. The first is a simple one. Just mix up the ingredients in the blender and put them in the microwave for a few seconds. The taste will be similar to that of mint jelly. The second option is to mix up the ingredients in a bowl and put them in the microwave for a few seconds, then stir until blended.

The third option is to just use the blender to blend up the ingredients. The reason for this is that the ingredients could have a lot of ingredients in them, so there would be a lot of food in the blender, and its going to be a bit more difficult to blend up the ingredients.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t mix up the ingredients. It’s still a great idea to mix them up and use the blender, because the blender has a much wider range of ingredients that the microwave doesn’t. The blender has a wider range of times to cook things, and that’s what makes it a good tool for cooking.

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