This boston cream pie is my favorite Boston cream pie recipe, the reason being, since it is made with cream and the cream of corn, it is a perfect marriage of deliciousness. I often make this recipe at least once a week, it is just one of those dishes I can easily put together and enjoy while it is cooking.

In the olden days, cream of corn was a staple in our kitchen because it was a healthy and cost effective way to use up the excess corn that was available. Today, I think it was the cream of wheat that was so good though.

It has been many years since I was able to make this dish. At the time I was a new college student. I remember having this recipe passed around to my friends and family, but I also remember thinking there was no rhyme or reason to it. It was a recipe that was supposed to be an everyday family recipe but somehow became a staple in our freezer.

It must have been because of the cream of wheat that my family got all the cream out of it and was able to make this dish for breakfast every morning. Now, I’m sure everyone will recognize this recipe by now. I’ll bet my family is going to be raving about it.

I had no idea how creamy cream of wheat was until I was researching. I was surprised that I actually like it. It’s a staple in my kitchen and I just used it today and it was delicious.

Cream of wheat is a popular flavor in American dishes. It originated in the Middle East and was popular in Europe in the 1700s. It’s been popular in the United States since around the 1800s.

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