The perfect combination of pasta, tomato sauce, and basil. This is easy to make and tastes great.

This pasta image was created using a quick and easy recipe by Dan, who you may remember from the “I ate this” tag on our site.

The tag was created by Dan on our site, and you can find a link to it below.

All you have to do is throw all of the ingredients into a pan and stir to let the pasta cook until thick. You might want to add a bit of salt to your sauce, as the pasta won’t get too salty otherwise. For this image, we used one of our favorite tomato sauces, the Zuppa di Frutti e Tartufi that has been featured on our site before.

The pasta was actually made by Dan himself, though we used frozen peas as the pasta base. I actually prefer the sauce I made than the one he had, but hey, it’s his pasta I’m using.

We tried to make this post as easy to navigate as possible, so you can skip over the recipe and go directly to the visual image. If you want to, you can leave a comment below and I’ll add it to our Pinterest board.

That is the easiest way to do it. There are tons of great recipes on Pinterest. Or, you can search for pasta and get the recipe instead. Of course, if you want to see a recipe in its proper place, you can hit the “new post” button below and create your own.

The new post button is a link we all love. It’s just like the one we gave you, except instead of putting something new in it, it puts something old in your old post. And that’s what this post is.

This pasta is so delicious.

This is the first in a series of posts looking at how we can make delicious pasta. Today we’re looking at the “instant” pasta. Instant pasta is an invention of the 1950s, when it was invented to save time when you and your family were eating out.

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